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We are looking to expand our team!  We need the following:  Cinematographer, writer, director, audio expert && Actors!  If you are interested in joining a fun team of inspired entertainers send us an email immediately to [email protected] we are located in Reno, NV.


Behind The Eyes - Short Film

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Our Crew

Denise finds out the hard way that when you turn down a guy you should do so with as much respect as possible because you never know what that person is capable of doing to you.

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Blood Dogs

A secret military group (mercenaries) are given a mission to breach an enemy outpost and secure confidential blueprints, and if possible extract a prisoner who is an important Doctor to this team.  They come to find out that they were sent into an ambush with the enemies ready for them, but who's to blame?

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2470 Wrondel Way, Reno NV

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